mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Caroline Kennedy wants to replace Hillary Clinton in the US Senate.

Click here for the news article

Does anyone else get the feeling she woke up one day recently and said "Gee it might be fun to be a Senator." ? Her experience doesn't translate well to the US senate.

The Arnold Schwartzenegger example probably applies here. He had no experience governing. He was just smart, motivated, famous, and popular. It took him two years to figure out how to do the job before he got good at it.

If Caroline does become a Senator, it'll take her time to learn the job before she has a chance to get good. Probably at least 2 years, in which time she'll have to run in a special election to keep her seat. Even Arnold had 3 years to learn his job.

All the news speculation is almost pointless, since it's completely up to NY Governor David Patterson to pick Hillary's replacement. He can do whatever he wants. While we can try to influence him, his is the only opinion that truly counts in this pick.

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