mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Ancient Roman Coins as gifts

I bought this item for a friend's son who has had some trouble recently.

The nice thing about Ancient Roman Coins is that they're items that sounds like they should be expensive, but they often aren't. The reason is that there were no banks in Ancient Rome. So a Roman soldier before he went into battle in a foreign land, would bury his money and retrieve it later. Often the soldier wouldn't retrieve it because he forgot, was ordered away from the area, or died in battle. Since the Roman empire lasted many centuries, there are lots of Ancient Roman Coins available just by digging them up.

The ones that are just lumps of metal with no detail at all cost about $2 each. I got this one which has a tiny bit of detail on it, so it cost a bit more.

The nice thing about such coins is that they appear valuable and are a piece of history. So even though I don't lie to the receiver of such gifts, they have the feel of something priceless. It is a pretty cheap gift, that gives people the impression you spent a lot and went to a lot of trouble getting it. The receiver thinks it's valuable, even though I admit it's not. It's win-win.
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