mage67 (mage67) wrote,

One of Us! One of Us!

You probably heard the chant "One of us. One of us" as a phrase when someone becomes part of a group of low social status. It's used in many TV shows and movies. But do you know where it came from originally?

It's the movie Freaks (1932). It was billed as a horror film, but it's now kinda funny. This was made before modern special effects so all the Freaks were actual circus freaks. The movie is quite un-politically correct by today's standards when dealing with those born differently and was banned for decades in the UK and Boston. It kinda killed Tod Browning's movie making career.

The chant of the Freaks accepting a physically normal woman into their group is
"We accept her! We accept her! One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble! One of us! One of us!"

Some of the freaks included are the human torso, pinheads, midgets/dwarves, half man/half woman, and the bearded lady.

The human torso

You can watch it here if you wish. Its only 66 minutes.


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