mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Estrada is not coming home for Xmas

Dec 14 2001 10:56AM

MANILA (Reuters) - Former Philippine president Joseph Estrada is not coming home for Christmas.

The country's anti-graft court turned down a request by the detained former president and his son on Friday for a Christmas furlough, "in the spirit of the season of grace and goodwill".

Estrada and his son Jinggoy have been in detention for about eight months now on a non-bailable charge of economic plunder.

They had requested the court allow them to go home for Christmas between December 23 and January 2, but under "proper security arrangements."

Estrada is alleged to have amassed more than $77 million during his 31 months in office which ended in a popular revolt in January.

Estrada is also facing separate charges of graft, perjury and illegal use of an alias. He has denied all the charges.

The court did however give Estrada temporary leave from the military hospital where he is currently detained to undergo an operation on Saturday for his deteriorating eye vision.

For those of you who don't know about The Estrada impeachment, it was originally going on about the time Clinton was going through his impeachment hearing. However, Estrada makes Clinton look like a boy scout. Not only was he accused of blatantly stealing over $100 million, he has many children with six different women. He is a former movie star turned politician. His vices are flagrant and disgusting.

To have an impeachment trial in the Phillipiens is unusual, since coups are usually the way they do it there. However they had so much evidence against Estrada, that they went with a trial. However the legislature threw out almost all the evidence. The prosecutors threw up their hands and had to basically give up because they had plenty of evidence, but were not allowed to use it. It looked like Estrada would have to win his trial. The public was so outraged that they seriously threatened to storm the presidential manor.

Estrada tried to make a deal where he would voluntarily leave office and promise never to serve again if he got to pick his successor (he hated his vice president) or a new election would be held and that he would receive amnesty. The public never gave him the chance and chased him out of the country. Estrada's VP was sworn in and the exiled Estrada claimed to still be president. He claimed "I wasn't assisinated, I didn't resign, and I'm still physically and mentally capable, so I'm still the president". Making fun of America's 2000 presidential election he called it "a constitutional crisis" and that modern times do not have coups any more. The supreme court there judged that he wasn't president, and now he's still weaseling out of all the crimes he committed. The things he's being charged for now are new charges mostly that haven't been affected by the legislature's decision, so he stole far more than $77 million from the Philippine people.

What a slimy monster.The guy has balls though.
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