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A little cat lost story

Believe it or not, this is a true story that my friend Debra is going through:

85% of my department was let go recently and Deb was smart enough to bail early and take the package the company was offering for volunteers to leave. She was going to use the money to start a new business and a new life after she adjusted to the changes and help her elderly mother go through her husband's (Deb's father's) death.

She was driving back and forth between Ohio and NY a lot. She has 2 cats that are literally like her children. That is no exaggeration as you'll see. She stopped at a pit stop and one of her cats ran out of the car and into the woods. She was frantic. It was like her child getting lost.

She spent 30 days looking for him in the area. She called upon pet detectives, a psychic and her own skills to find the cat. She refused to leave the area and stayed at a nearby hotel. She picked up enough tips to pursue the cat on her own. She set up humane traps and had to think like a cat. She caught 2 possums that she had to release, but not her cat.

She finally started thinking more like a cat and said to herself, where would I go if I was him. She realized he'd want to be warm at night and cool in the day and found him in a storm tunnel system, but she still couldn't catch him. She set up a trap nearby and made sure she waited 4 days for the scent to be off the trap, and she finally got him, though he was very ragged and a lot thinner.

Unfortunately, while searching for this cat, she used her other cat in hopes he would pick up the scent of her other cat and run to something familiar. The other cat got off the leash and he's still missing after 8 weeks. She's still searching for him, but she figures he must have been picked up by someone because she hasn't even seen a sign of him and he's more domesticated, so he's more likely to be picked up.

Unfortunately she went through all her savings and retirement funds to locate her cat, so she'll have to go back to work soon. She has no regrets because "It's only money" and the adventure she had and the people she met trying to locate the cat made it worthwhile for her. She's writing a book about her adventures, but she won't give up on the other cat either :)
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