mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Yet another problem

I got a disturbing letter from the NY State department of Labor. They informed me that my old job filed with the Labor Department that I was let go for disciplinary reasons. This means if I need Unemployment benefits, I can't get them until the Labor department investigates this.

Of course I immediately saw my old boss and she informed me it was a horrible mistake and apologized a lot. Until this error is corrected though, I can't receive unemployment checks if I need them for awhile and anyone investigating my background for other job opportunities will see this filing pop up. It also means that if the bank I'm getting my mortgage from sees it, they might withhold the loan. Even if this is corrected, it might accidently stay on my record for awhile due to the magic of bureaucratic incompetence.

Good lord, did I really need another problem? Hasn't enough gone wrong due to no fault of my own lately?
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