mage67 (mage67) wrote,

The terrible burden of the lightness of being

I saw John's play, but I can't review it here. It's a very long story which I'm not at liberty to discuss here at the present time. I know it sounds strange, but I'm somewhat bound here. Eventually I'll be able to tell what happened.

It seems ntang got a little sensitive lately. Nick, I hold no grudges. You just left yourself open to a little ribbing. As everyone knows, sometimes I can't resist even a bad joke. This too shall pass.

As for us being both an ass, well I can't speak for myself here. :)

As penchantnyc said, the liberal use of smilies does make a big difference. :)

No grudges and no worries ntang. I even added you to my friends list even though you didn't add me to yours. See what a good sport I am?
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