mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Boring normality looks real attractive now

Starting a new job on Monday. This will be the third one this year already. The first one I had for over 2 years before I was downsized. The second one I knew was an interim job that wouldn't give me regular hours. This new one is a three month assignment for higher pay that could last longer or shorter. I pray it will lead to something though.

This anxiety would be hard enough, but I'm trying to close on my co-op, and I can't get people to do anything close to what they're supposed to. It looks like I will have to move the closing to May now.

I miss a stable life. Ever since September, life has been hell. Everytime I see some normalcy, it gets further out of reach. What's worse is that I know many others have worse problems and I'm acting like a wimp.
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