mage67 (mage67) wrote,

It's All in How You Say It

What looked like a minor correction at work turned out to be a very notable one.

I pointed out at a meeting that underwriting classes for smokers should be called the Standard classes and not Smoker classes. It may seem like a minor distinction, but there are good reasons for this, honest.

There are 13 different classes for the Standard class and 18 other underwriting classes on this insurance policy that I'm helping to design and illustrate. Since Standard is a longer word than Smoker, and the word is used to describe 13 different options, the extra letters with the letters in the other 18 options caused the option field designed to pick an underwriting class to go over it's limit.

The design solution was to abbreviate Standard as STD. I couldn't email the problem with this, because emails in America look for certain words and STD could have been one of them. Since this is work related, I was subject to this kind of snooping.

STD is an abbreviation for Sexually Transmitted Disease. I thought smokers would be offended to be automatically being in an STD class, so I advised verbally to abbreviate this Std. so there would be no confusion.
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