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Prize Riddle

I saw that a lot of people on LiveJournal are having money problems and/or job problems. I decided to help out a very tiny bit.

I'm going to give away a free year on LiveJournal if you can answer this riddle. The first person to answer it correctly and explain why that must be the only correct answer will get me to give them a free year on LiveJournal. This contest is open to all. If no one gives me the correct answer by May 11, 2002 9:00AM EDT then I will not give the prize to anyone.

I also realized that I don't even have to know your email address to pay for your LiveJournal account. As long as I know your LiveJournal name, that is enough.

Here is the riddle
A cenus taker comes to a woman's home. Rather than get the information he needs, the lady gives him the information in a cryptic way. She gives the following facts.

1. I have three children
2. The product of their ages is 72.
3. The sum of their ages is my house number

The census taker sees what the house number is and tells the woman "I still don't know what your childrens' ages are."

"Oh, I forgot to tell you one more thing"

4. My oldest child likes chocolate pudding

With this information, the census taker now knows what the ages of the children are.

The question is, what are the ages of the children and how did you come to that answer?

As Sherlock Holmes said, "An answer, even the correct one, is meaningless without a proper explanation."

I'm the sole judge of who wins, and all decisions on my part are final.
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