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Police Student Moonlights as Prostitute

I thought this article was interesting

May 3 2002 8:43AM

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A young Swedish woman faces expulsion from the police academy after a local paper reported on Thursday that she also worked as a prostitute.

Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet said the student, in her 20s, had used academy computers to advertise for customers on the Internet. She met her clients on the way home from school.

The paper did not name the woman. Stockholm police academy spokeswoman Ewa-Gun Westford-Wejnering said she hoped the student would come forward voluntarily.

"We were totally surprised about the article in Aftonbladet...but I think it is true," Westford-Wejnering told Reuters. She said the student would probably be expelled once identified.

"You can''t study to be a police officer and do things like this. It''s not a crime, but it''s unethical," she said.

Prostitution is not illegal in Sweden, although Sweden made it a crime in 1999 to buy sexual services.

Local media have reported that the law, which was meant to reduce the sex trade, has merely moved prostitution from the streets on to the Internet.
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