August 31st, 2008


Some fun Sarah Palin related quotes

I saw some of the slogans for when Palin was Governor.

"Alaska: Coldest state with the hottest governor"

To show her pro-gun hunting positions:
"Vegetarian, an old Indian word meaning 'Bad Hunter' "

And someone said, "I'm not used to presidential politics having a pretty candidate. I never saw that before, except for John Edwards"

Another comment: "We now have an old man and a MILF on the Republican ticket" (Although some call her a GILF)"

But it's not quite enough for me to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket ;)

Is Sarah Palin the mother or grandmother of her youngest child?

Story comes from shesingsnow's journal

Supposedly Sarah Palin announced her condition in her 7th month of pregnancy and shows no sign of being pregnant. Yet her 16 year old daughter allegedly took off at least 5 months from school and shows signs of being pregnant.

I really have no idea if there's any truth to it. The story is very detailed though. Can anyone with pregnancy experience comment on it?

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