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The Mage show?

I had a great online chat session yesterday with cattika, siljebabe, girl2 and her brother Marcell, and Reynolds (someone I used to know from work). I almost felt like I was the host of a talk show. I must say I had great guests.

cattika was the one who set up the room though, so perhaps it should be said that it was her show. I felt one of my failings was that I couldn't get some people to share as much as I'd like. Lord knows, I love the sound of my own voice and writings, but I also wanted to learn from others more. Everyone had something to contribute though.

I did act particularly silly, but it was all in fun. Perhaps I was giddy that girl2 proposed to me? She wanted me to pay for the ring though and didn't offer me one. I was still touched though.

Hopefully we can all do this again sometime and have even a bigger list of co-stars?
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