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Being Robbed Right in Front of my Face

As many of you know, I've been trying to buy the same apartment since September. The owner has been using any feeble excuse to delay. He's trying to coincide the purchase of his new house with the sale of the apartment.

He finally signed an option waiver on May 21, even though he should have signed it before he put the apartment up for sale. Of course he tried to blame me for his inability to sign a piece of paper.

Since he delayed so long, I have to get my loan commitment extended. It expires June 4. I submitted the data the bank needed on May 1, even though the bank insisted it was way too early to do that. It is now May 28, and the bank still hasn't extended my loan, even though I fully qualify, as they admit. They took four weeks to look at 3 pieces of paper and claim I'm being rude for asking them to look at them properly within those four weeks.

They claim they didn't do a credit check till May 22, even though it only takes a few minutes, and that caused the delay.

It gets better. They want me to pay for locking in the interest rate for the loan, even though they caused the delay. Since the rate is higher, they expect me to pay extension fees to keep a higher rate locked in. However, they claim they can't extend my loan until five days before that rate expires, even though they won't let that rate expire and will charge me to extend it against my will.

So they won't confirm my loan is extended because the rates expire on June 4 and they won't extend them till 5 days before they expire, yet they have proven themselves incompetent to get anything done on time. They want me to pay for this privilege and for a higher rate. They won't confirm they're extending the rates, but they will benefit from it and they won't let them expire so I can get the lower rate without paying for them. I can't even get a piece of paper saying my loan has been extended, but I still have to pay for it.

Why not try another bank? I went to several, but they claim they can't do the paperwork within 5 weeks. Citibank is robbing me and lying to me, yet there is nothing I can do about it.

Sorry for ranting
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