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Reflections from my week

I've been having a good week. That's not to say plenty of things haven't gone wrong. They always have lately. This week has even been more troublesome than many other weeks. So what's changed?

I believe I have. Like many others I tend to focus on the bad things only because people are more interested in them. Almost no one seems to want to read a news story that has a happy ending as a rule.

We all have little things that are good in our lives that are too overshadowed by the huge tragedies. A problem tends to consume more of a person than it should. I'm learning not to let that happen as much. I may never be cured of that, but I have to improve as I go along.

So rather than focus on the umpteen meetings at work and bouts of sickness and roadblocks (many of which are even troubling me worse), I'm tending to see them more as temporary obstacles.

So what was good this week for me? I got things done. I fixed other people's messes and my own. My fixes aren't permanent, but they don't have to be. Rome wasn't razed in a day any more than it was built in a day.

Much like a garbage man we have to pick up the trash or it accumulates. Sure there will be more trash the next day. Sure another lightning bolt of bad luck may hit me. Sure I may make horrible decisions. But I'm going to try not to contribute to my ills.

I'm procrastinating today and relaxing. In this case I view the procastination as a strategic reflection that will pay off in little and big ways. I'm doing what I can and I'm happy with my progress given the circumstances.

Could I be doing more? Most definitely. A lot more. I won't get to the accomplishment level I want in a day necessarily.

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