mage67 (mage67) wrote,

I saw this post and I thought my response deserved it's own post.

It's basically argued in that post that women are inferior to men, since men tend to rule government throughout history.

Actually there have been matriarchical societies. For example, many Amerind tribes were run by women before Europeans settled here.

In the ancient world and up to at least the end of the first millenium ACE, women tended more toward agricultural pursuits and men more towards hunting and warfare. Therefore if the society was at peace, who would rule depended on who gathered the most valued caloric source. In many Amerind tribes, agriculture provided far more food in their area, so women tended to run the tribe.

However, when Europeans settled in the New World, they brought more conflict with them and war became important again to the Amerind tribes. This let the men take over the tribes.

So are women inferior? They do tend to have less speed and upper body strength. So if you lock the world's smartest chicken in a room with the world's dumbest lion you will get instant McNuggets. However this says nothing of brain power. I find that women tend to be better or worse in certain intellectual pursuits than men, but it just makes them not less intelligent but differently intelligent and certainly not at all inferior.

My conclusion is that anyone who thinks that women are intellectually deficient simply doesn't get out much.
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