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Being a Computer Shaman

I got the idea for this post from saintlex.

She experienced system support from Dell Computers in the form of having her call rerouted to India, where they didn't have a clue.

I have found that computer troubleshooting or support is much like being a shaman. You tell the one suffering a story that doesn't really fix anything, but the story itself helps the person deal with the problem and makes them feel better. It's the story itself that is supposed to heal.

I used to work at Credit Suisse First Boston, where they would reroute support help calls to the London Office late at night because it would be morning there and they wouldn't have to pay British people overtime rates. Of course they had no clue what could be going on wrong in New York. The only support you got was someone sympathizing with you and letting you know it could happen to anyone. They would log the problem and you would have a confirmed expert to agree with you so your manager couldn't claim you screwed up.

Companies feel that the value of claiming they give support is much more valuable than giving support that actually aids you. Many times Computer Support is just blame management.

One may even become an international computer support specialist if they can say reboot in ten languages.
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