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For Neil Gaiman Fans

New York – Barnes & Noble Union Square
A separate East Coast launch event for Coraline is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 11 at Barnes & Noble, Union Square in New York City. There will be no other U.S. events until the fall.

If anyone wants a signed Gaiman book, please let me know. I've decided to give away a few out of sheer generousity. This is only open to people on my friends list who have also reciprocated by putting me on their friends list. I must have also have exchanged Instant Messages, emails, or other internet dialogue with you before too. You must tell me before tomorrow at 2:00 PM EDT and give me some P.O. Box or address where it can be shipped to. Either reply to this post or email me to let me know.

Please don't take advantage of my generousity. I give myself the freedom to deny anyone I feel is being obnoxious or ingenuous.

Let the feeding frenzy begin :)
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