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My nephew is now online

My sister gave birth to Matthew James Corella after a grumpy pregnancy. My cousin Deborah beat her to the punch and delivered 4 days earlier than her, even though she wasn't due for another month and a half.

Since Deborah beat me out of the womb by 21/2 weeks, she was obviously feeling competitive again and just had to beat my sister. I just talked to Deborah and her birthing Joshua was so easy for her. She's a doctor and was already in hospital scrubs and in the hospital when her water broke. Joshua is under 4 lbs, her husband is a pediatrician, and she only had to carry for 71/2 months. How much easier could it get?

My sister had to go through another C-section and is moody, but happy. You can see pictures of my new nephew Matthew by clicking on the handy dandy picture hyperlink.

Matthew's First Close-Up

Put your mouse over each picture to see a little hidden caption for each picture. I'm going to be adding pictures over the next several weeks, so feel free to visit often.


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