mage67 (mage67) wrote,

The only type of gay I am is happy

On Wednesday I tried a szechuan restaurant with penchantnyc. You can read about it in his journal.

We also saw Rock Star for free at the new Loews 34th Street Cineplex in Manhattan, NY USA.

You can see my review for Rock Star on Epinions.

Yesterday, penchantnyc recommended a great resturant called Soul Fixins on 34th Street just off 9th Avenue in Manhattan. It looks a bit like a dive, but the food is moist, great, well prepared, and inexpensive. The service is warm too. I highly recommend it. I don't know how penchantnyc finds these places. He's a master at it.

I did see penchantnyc yesterday, but his co-workers were worried that I saw him too much. Even his girlfriend saintlex is a little jealous of me. To make matters worse, I brought in a dozen white roses with me to his office. One of his coworkers half thought we were gay lovers.

The roses were not for penchantnyc though. I was going to a musical later that night and I know one of the principals in it. The flowers were for Kirstie Bingham (Princess Margaret) in "The Student Prince" playing at 199 14th Street in Brooklyn, NY. You can see her website at She was overwhelmed and appreciated all the support.

I'll try writing about her musical a bit more when I get the chance.
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