mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Just say no (a thought for today)

Too many people try to be profound when they should just be. Those who think they said something profound and then marvel at it endlessly without adding new thought in a timely manner are just lazy.

People complain they don't like to think all the time. I love to think all the time. Thinking is a pleasure to me. I admire deep thoughts and despise people who try to pass themselves off as profound when all they are doing is passing delibrate confusion as a deep thought. The trick is that if you confuse a person enough, they will be too afraid to pan it and will go along and say it's deep.

We can't be afraid to speak up against an even established fact. Even if someone says something outrageous, if they can back it up with some intelligent serious thought, then it's usually something that deserves to be listened to.

There are too many short cuts to thinking out there. Just say no.

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