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Weather Blogging

The weather here is a lot colder than usual here in New York City. I have never seen a danger alert for wind chill before on the news here and I can't remember the wind chill ever being quite this bad here and I've lived here for 36 years.

I usually take cold very well, but even I need a heavy jacket in this weather, and I can take 20 degree windchill with a teeshirt and jeans often. My friends in much colder climates like Alaska or Norway might think less than a -30 C (-22 F) windchill is hardly a record. However when NYC has a heat wave of 40 C (104 F), people in Texas and Mexico think it's hardly a record. It depends on what you're used to.

The heat in my co-op is very good; a little too good. I'm actually sweating a bit here. I found playing with the heat levels coming in is very time consuming since I have to adjust several radiators, and I never seem to get it right. I have to err on it being too hot. I feel like a wasteful fool having to occassionally putting on my air conditioning to cool it off here, but electric costs here are shared through the maintenance charges so I don't have to worry too much. I try to keep this idiocy to a minimum though.

I hear a lot about global warming and it is a proven fact, it's just that people argue about how extreme it is. I never seem to hear that we're also in an interglacial period that is supposed to end in about 2,000 years. That means that the effects of the ice age we're in should be somewhat canceling global warming eventually.

This is not to say global warming is not a problem that shouldn't be addressed and worked on. Nevertheless, when I see weather this cold, it's hard to take global warming seriously right now.
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