mage67 (mage67) wrote,

The Jetsons' retro-future

[info]sevens_angel said in one of my comments I'm still waiting for the robot to clean my house. (like the Jetsons who were far more advanced than we are yet..) .

He was trying to say that the Jetsons are retro-future (the past's vision of the future). The Jetsons was once considered an educational program because it depicted the future. It was like Ronald Reagan declaring ketchup a vegetable to meet the requirement of having two vegetables in every school lunch. Think about if we can ever have those inventions we expected by the year 2000 thanks to the Jetsons.

  1. Those huge push buttons wouldn't even exist today. Our push buttons are more advanced and easier on the fingers.

  2. We have picture phones, but no one wants to use them because everyone wants to see the other end, but noone wants to be seen.
  3. A rocket pack can't carry enough fuel to last long and has the unfortunate tendency to burn off your legs and backside if an accident or bad design happens. We came out with a one man flying vehicle, but it is not jet powered because of these problems.

  4. We even had flying cars since the 1940s and designed on the drawing boards since 1917, but when one is built you get the worst of a car and a plane at the same time to consolidate them and they're still too expensive. Eventually someone will come up with an afforable propeller car, but not a jet car. Again, a jet car would require too much fuel for it to hold. There is some hope for a flying car, but it won't be jet powered anytime soon.

  5. Robot maids? They exist but they're no where near as advanced as Rosie was. They're also not humanoid. They can't even vacuum that well, they're easy to trip on, and they're too expensive for what little they do.

  6. Inter galactic travel? We haven't gotten a man on the moon since 1973. Now we're aspiring again to have a man on the moon? With today's technology, mining any planetary body wouldn't be cost effective even if it was made of solid gold.

Many of these problems are caused by the expense of fuel and the inability to carry enough to do what we expect of futuristic gadgets. An anti-matter engine is theoretically possible and a storage system and anti-matter regulator can be designed that doesn't involve the fictional and naturally convenient alternative of dilithium crystals, but we can't produce enough antimatter yet to run even a small space craft. We have yet to aspire to produce even one full gram of antimatter in all the years we tried.

There's also that pesky speed of light speed limit. What a silly way to design the universe.
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