mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Any Illustrator (Vector) artists out there?

My art skills are limited and every once in awhile I need original art to order. The format I need is in Illustrator and must be vector based and not raster or pixel based. It's almost always a cartoon or logo and I don't expect it to be that complicated or ornate. The finished work I get is usually in an Illustrator file emailed to me. If you don't have a copy of Illustrator, I can probably supply one to you, possibly even free of charge for you to keep. If you have another vector program you're more comfortable with, let me know and I'll consider taking files in that format too. I usually pay by Paypal, but I can also pay by check.

The way I usually work is that I give a detailed description of what I want. I then negotiate a flat price for the work to be done. If I ask for a change that was not part of what was described in what I originally specified, then I have to pay extra at a pre-arranged hourly rate.

Any art work done for me will be owned solely by me, but may be used in your portfolio or your website freely to show what you can do. If you want a special credit for you work listed whenever it is used, that may be able to be arranged too. I anticipate a need coming up for some work soon. Anybody interested or know someone who might be? Have them email me at with a portfolio and how you want to charge. Amateurs are welcome and I don't care what your resume says. As long as you show me in some way that you can do it, that's good enough. Even if you don't have a portfolio, tell me what you can do and I'll consider you.

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