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Kirstie's musical

I've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to comment on Kirstie's musical, "The Student Prince". She played Princess Margaret, the elegant fiancee of Prince Karl (Brian Charles Rooney) who has to contend with the prince's heart against rival Kathie (Bonnie Joyce Johnson), a waitress the prince has fallen for.

Kirstie's performance was bright and elegant, but she didn't make her appearance until the play was almost half-over. The first dress she had to wear was extremely unflattering. It was pink and black with a bonnet. I felt so bad for her that she had to wear that. Supposedly that was supposed to be the Paris fashion of the day, but to wear such a thing when meeting the Prince for the first time couldn't have been helpful in his first impression.

There were some very fine performances in this off-off broadway production. Most notable was Bonnie Johnson as Kathie who stole the show with her clear voice and winning smile.

However much of the male cast seem very gay, which made it harder for the gay valet of the prince to appear as a stark contrast to the other male cast members. Kirstie let me know that many members of that cast were in fact gay, so my gaydar is not off-target. I guess musicals attracts certain orientations.

The production values and talent was not amateurish at all. For only $15 I felt I got a very fine value for my money. This is a old-fashioned family musical and you can see it at 199 14th Street in Brooklyn, NY USA till the end of the week.

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