mage67 (mage67) wrote,

What makes a bad film?

The Razzie awards have announced their "winners". For those of you who have never heard of the Razzie awards, they are given out the night before the Oscars for the worst achievements in film for the year.

This year the movie Gigli won an outstanding 6 Golden Raspberry Awards; 2003's worst picture, Affleck as worst actor, Lopez as worst actress and the two as worst screen couple. "Gigli" filmmaker Martin Brest also took the Razzies for worst director and screenplay.

Gigli did not break the record number of Razzies though. That "honor" was reserved to Showgirls and Battlefield Earth tied at seven apiece. However it was commented that these films were somewhat enjoyably bad while Gigli was painfully bad.

There are many films that are "bad" but still somewhat enjoyable to watch. Many people love Ed Wood films because at least he's trying to say something and really wants to make a great film, even though he keeps falling flat.

So my question is, which film was the most painfully bad film you ever saw? A film so bad that you wanted it to stop or had to turn it off because it was so unenjoyably bad.

My vote would go to Time Code. This film split the screen in four and made you watch four interacting films in real time at the same time. Not only was it horrendously bad, I had to pay a lot of attention to keep up. I had to review that film and it was extremely painful to be in that theater.

Which film was your worst movie experience?
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