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Wacky packages are back

The Topps Company, which has successfully revived its Garbage Pail Kids franchise (the first series of the new cards went back to press five times -- see "Scratch, Sniff, & Pass the Lysol"), has decided to bring back its classic Wacky Packages cards/stickers, which were originally launched in 1967 and enjoyed a remarkable run, which lasted until 1992 and encompassed some 18 unique series of cards.

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I grew up with Wacky Packages and was glad to see them make a comeback. I was also born in the same year these stickers came out, so I guess I should be especially nostalgic for them. I used to collect these stickers and put them in an ordered poster I made on my room door when I was a kid.

I don't know if they'll come with a stale piece of rock hard bubble gum also, but most kids didn't buy the cards for the gum. I sure didn't.

Here is the cover of New York Magazine in 1973 for them.

Please feel free to post pictures of your favorites.
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