mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Catching up

What did I do this weekend? I've been so negligent in keeping up my hournal. Luckily ntang wrote a very complete recap of the events I attended with him. You can read it at Nick's View. Thanks Nick for saving me some work.

I knew two members of the band Kittyhawk from work. Jen, the lead singer is usually so quiet and blends into the background. I saw a complete transformation when she was in the band. She was energetic and perky with a loaud voice. Amazing what a party can do.

Pier, the lead guitarist and sound man (and Jen's significant other) was true to form though. He backed up Jen well and was even more personable at the party.

I think Kittyhawk played well, but their biggest problem is that they have no one song that stands out or is catchy. If only they could manage that, they might really take off as a band. I think seeing them live brought out their music much better than their CD though, which is unusual. Usually the CD is of better quality due to editing.
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