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Don't read this unless you have a dark sense of humor

I saw 4 movies on Saturday and one of them was The Passion of the Christ. While I'm Jewish, this is the first popular picture I ever agreed was antisemtic. I'd rather not go into all the reasons why though. It's kinda obvious and the film is not even accurate when it is being offensive.

I tried to appreciate the film despite the offensive elements. It does have some interesting points, but way too much focus is done on Jesus being beaten to a pulp.

This movie is wildly popular though. Perhaps they'll even do a sequel? They can call it The Resurrection: Jesus Lives. If George Romero writes or directs it (the creator of Dawn of the Dead) they can make it a zombie Jesus who is now eating of his followers flesh and drinking their blood just like his followers have been doing symbolically for him.

Sure it would generate great outrage, but that could only help sales.

Should George A. Romero write or direct a sequel to The Passion of the Christ in the way I described?

Yes, let's offend the Christians like the Jews have been offended here
No, it's in horribly bad taste
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