mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Hello Kitty or Bust

Some of you may be familiar with the film Supersize me. In it a man tries to live off of nothing but McDonalds food for 30 days.

This idea combined with the knowledge that anyone who truly knows girl2, knows she adores Hello Kitty and that cattika did a bunch of searching on the net to cheer girl2 up with tons of Hello Kitty links gave me this idea.

Is it possible to do everything with Hello Kitty merchandise for 30 days?

For hydration there is the Hello Kitty Water Bottle

and there is the Hello Kitty Soda Can Holder

Solid Food
For solid food there is the Hello Kitty Lunch Box
for storing any food needed.
and for desert there is the Hello Kitty Cake which comes in various varieties

There are no shortage of these.
The Hello Kitty Dress

Glass Shoes for that fancy look

and many other things to wear including jewelery of all kinds, t-shirts, arm bands, hats, visors, pants, socks, and much much more.

Go to the house where Hello Kitty lives in the Hello Kitty amusement park. If it's good enough for Hello Kitty, it's good enough for you.

There is also Hello Kitty bedding, towels, curtains and furniture and much much more to dress it up even more.

Believe it or not there is the Hello Kitty Car. There are also many types of car accessories to go along with it including a handbrake ribbon, seat covers, and much much more.

There's the Hello Kitty Phone and the Hello Kitty Computer

There is the Hello Kitty wine glasses to loosen you up. There's also plenty of Hello Kitty entertainment including marijuana pipes, computer games, color TV, CD player, boom box and much much more

After Hours
After you've done partying hard with Hello Kitty, what's left? The Hello Kitty vibrator and massage oils and much much more.

All this begs this poll

If you had to live off McDonalds or Hello Kitty goods for 30 days for $1,000,000 USD, which would you choose?

Hello Kitty
Death is always an option
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