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The new mayor of New York City

Mike Bloomberg won the New York City Election. He won it fair and square, but it shouldn't have happened. That's because this city has five times more Democrats than Republicans. The way this happened was caused by a number of factors.

1. The many important endorsements Bloomberg got. Mayor Guiliani, Governor Pataki, and Ex-Governor Carey all endorsed Bllomberg in the last 10 days, at the perfect time to push up Bloomberg's popularity.

2. That Mark Green has had a habit of pissing off people who worked for him or dealt with him.

3. The split in the Democratic primary after Mark Green won the primary was never healed properly. After Green narrowly beat Ferrer he didn't reach out enough to Ferrer. Also Ferrer should have had his supporters rally behind Green much better instead of bad-mouthing Green and threatening lawsuits. Messy Democratic primaries in New York City have caused Republicans to win before.

4. The negative campaigning by Green. Yes both candidates negatively campaigned a lot. However Green's attacks were clearly more vicious and outrageous. It turned off many voters.

5. That Bloomberg could spend his vast fortune on his campaign while Green was limited to $12 million. We passed very broad campaign finance reform in New York City, but the effect was to handicap Green financially. This reform will have to be looked over again.

This situation is not as bad as it looks. Bloomberg was a life-long Democrat and became a Republican only last year to run in this election. He is bound to have many Democratic views. He has a firm grasp of politics and business as he demonstrated during his campaign and knows how to reach out to others and be tactful. It seems he will ask for help and advice if he needs it. He'll help attract business to New York City that it desperately needs especially after the WTC tragedy. I think Bloomberg's reign won't be a disaster.

If people thought this campaign was ugly, they should look at the 1992 Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate race. What could you say about a race when there was so much outrageous mud-slinging, that out of the four candidates running in that primary, the one who ran the most respectable and positive campaign by far was Al Sharpton? The democrats fought so much that Al Da'mato squeaked in to win a third term when he should have been on the way out.

If Democrats want to win in this city, they have to stop fighting with each other so viciously.

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