mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Primary Today in NYC

The primary races in NYC in my district only had a choice for Civil Court judges. These guys are almost unknowable, so usually most people pick the names that look good to them. I tend to write in my own name as a choice, since I know I'm a good choice. Luckily I know how to do this, since most election overseers there don't.

The election overseers usually consist of 90% very very old women. The first one I checked in with had the thickest glasses I ever saw anyone wear. They were almost as thick as my thumb. She couldn't find me in the book because the address I gave her sounded so strange to her.

Her: "Brigham Street, you're on Brigham Street?"
Me: "Yes Brigham Street"
Her: "How do you spell that?"
Me: "B-R-I-G-H-A-M"
Her: "I'm not sure I heard of that street"
Me (being a smart ass): "It's the same street you're at right now. You can't miss it"

She then had trouble finding which range of numbers my address laid between. I had to point it out to her.

Nevertheless these women do a thankless job for a so-so wage that no one else who has jobs or school can take the day off to do can or want to do. This election was so unnoteworthy that I doubt there was more than a 10% turn out. Nevertheless, I try to vote whenever I can. I"m being a goos citizen and using the machines is fun. Of course they haven't changed these machines since at least the 1960s, but hey we never had Florida's problems either.
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