mage67 (mage67) wrote,

2004 Vice Presidential Debate

A few comments:
I'm getting really annoyed at the commentors on this year's debates. We expect a Republican commentator to praise the Republican Candidiate and a Democratic commentator to praise the Democratic Candidate. However the commentators have gone overboard this time to ridiciulous extents. Both sides are making their candidates sound like the second coming and their opponent sound like a disaster.

This debate seemed like a tie more or less. Chaney seemed to be more factual and professorial and Edwards seemed more charismatic. They both mislead and lied a bit of course.

A couple of glaring misleads were:
1. Chaney claims that 30 countries supported us in Iraq, while 34 countries supported us in Iraq in 1991. His intention was to make us think that we had wide international support in both conflicts. This is very misleading. In 1991, those 34 countries actually gave us troops for the conflict and endured a lot of the cost. In this conflict, only Britain and a tiny handful of countries who have almost no military resources gave troops. If you count the countries that were allowed to do business in Iraq after the war was officially over, then it comes to 30 countries. However very few of those countries contributed any troops at all. About 88% of the Iraq War cost came from the USA in troops and financial loss.

2. Kerry claimed that this war cost us $200 Billion. Actually it cost $120 Billion. However if you count the projected costs in the budget until September 2005 and include the costs in Afganistan till that date too, then it will come to $200 Billion.

I could go on and on, but I think you all have heard enough commentaries. Enjoy :)

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