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I rushed over early to meet Jason today to help him with his virus protection software at his workplace today at his urging. By the time I got there, he called a professional already. No harm, since it's less unpaid work for me.

We had a lot of time to kill, so we shopped at the greensmarket and Barnes and Noble. I picked up two great computer books and Jason picked up a sci-fi novel. Unfortunately these computer books don't work until I read them. How impractical.

I was also able to pick up Billy Joel's new classical CD. It's high on the popularity charts right now. However to warn others, it's not played by the fantastic Billy Joel. He only composed the solo classical piano pieces. He's had trouble with his hands for years and is no longer the piano man he was. Richard Joo performs the pieces. I'll listen to it this weekend at work probably and write my opinion of it.

The restaurant Jason picked was Pipa. Jason is a gifted restaurant picker, so I always let him pick and he never steers wrong. It's uncanny. I don't think he could pick a bad place if he tried.

Pipa had good food, but it was overpriced so I can't recommend it. You can see's review of it in his live journal under the handle penchantnyc. He sums it up pretty well.

I'm going tomorrow with that very same multi-tentacled livejournal user to a screening of The Sleeping Dictionary starring Jessica Alba, Bob Hoskins, and Brenda Blethyn. I'll give a review of it in short time.
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