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A mixed night

I can't say I had the best day yesterday. I got shot twenty times in the arm to test for allergies and I permanently lost a friend yesterday by mutual consent. Then I had to give my senior citizen parents another computer lesson, which usually is very frustrating, since they don't take to the computer well. Then I had to go to a modern dance performance by a co-worker, and I was expecting the worst.

The show was called "Sink or Swim II". Even the title was foreboding. Not only are sequels chancy, the word "Sink" is in the title, which didn't inspire optimism since it allowed for the possibility of floundering.

I went to that show with John, a friend from work. He's an very experienced dancer who's now an actor, so he was able to clue me in in small spots where I was lost. I was expecting a disaster, since modern improv dance could be pretty bad sometimes and I had a rather bad day.

It was actually quite well done. There were moments that were slow and boring, but also moments that were very entertaining and innovative. It started out slow, and I had my nails in my palms a few times to keep attention. For those of you who know me, I pride myself on being able to sit through practically any movie or performance no matter how bad it is and keep my attention focused on it. Sometimes I have to keep my nails in my palm to let the pain help me focus on something really bad. I did have a few moments when my nails went into my palm, but then the show got better and I actually enjoyed myself.

Most of the performance was spontaneously done, but it did have some planned structure to it. I'm assuming that the show would be quite different each time it is viewed due to it's improvisational nature. Lee, the performer I knew, assured me that was very much the case. He seemed to work up more of a sweat than most people, but all the performers were good. One of the performers was even very noticeably pregnant, yet it didn't affect her performance. She was so extremely pregnant, that John and I were a bit worried and disturbed that the baby could come out during the rigorous movements and the dancing quartet could become a quintet.

It was certainly was a different viewing experience for me and I don't regret going at all. The performance is playing in Manhattan till Saturday for those interested. You can see more details if you go to Improv arts and go to the calender of events for the DeFacto Dance group.

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