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Fun with Video

Some websites go through so much fun to protect their video just like some websites go through a lot of trouble to protect their pictures. When will they learn that anything on your screen can be captured with ease?

To prove my point, here is The Kiss, a video from the Comedy Central show Drawn Together that my friend ljuvefreya really enjoyed. I just used Camtasia Studio to get it off my screen and then used Sorenson Squeeze to compress it into a small flash file under 5 MB (the original capture was almost 150 MB for only about 90 seconds of video which is ridiculously big).

I'm using Macromedia Flash to make a .swf file to show it to you. It gives it some protection from being stolen, (but as we see by this example, no web video is theft proof)

Now it can be saved even after Comedy Central takes it off their website.

Warning, the video may be a cartoon, but it's not for young viewers.
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