mage67 (mage67) wrote,

What to do with Hatch

Most of you must know by now that Richard Hatch plead guilty to tax evasion (see article) . He was so obviously guilty, it's not funny.

Ironically if he never filed his taxes, then he probably wouldn't be guilty of fraud. He would just have to pay his taxes plus penalties. Some people don't file their taxes and deal with the IRS later and this even gives them a good negotiating position sometimes. By filing and lying about his income, it's an obvious case of fraud.

No reasonable person could question he got the money, since it was televised. No reasonable person could judge that he was incompetent to file a tax return since he "Outwitted, Outplayed, and Outlasted" in the first Survivor. There is no real hope of a defense here that could work.

Click all that apply

So what do you think should happen to Richard Hatch?

He can do a reality show about prison life from the inside called "Down the Hatch"
He can put out a "Buns of Steel" video with a penal theme
A psychiatrist should examine on how someone who claims he's so brilliant could be so incredibly stupid.
A psychiatrist can examine if his ego was so great that he thought he was above the law
A psychiatrist can examine why he wanted to go to jail.
He wanted to go to jail because it's full of bad, bad men who work out all the time, and this is his dream.
Let him just pay the money he owes, plus the fines, and let the fat naked gay guy walk

Do you have any other suggestions? Reply and have your say, please.
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