mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Would you sell your vote?

This is purely a hypothetical situation

Let's say a candidate promised you the following:
1. Vote for me for President of the US and you will receive a valid check in the mail for $1,000 (US currency) within 15 weeks after voting for me
2. This candidate will faithfully obey all the laws of the US while campaigning and while president if elected (except any law which would prohibit them from giving you that $1,000)
3. They will never enact or support laws or policies that go against the 10 commandments or that are clearly against the public good
4. They will not sign or support any legislation while President that would raise your overall annual taxes

The assumptions we are making for this experiment are:
1. All these promises will be absolutely kept
2. The candidate qualifies to be sworn in as president if so elected
3. They will not find or enact a clever way to get any portion of the $1000 they give you back through some other means.
4. The candidates positions agree with yours approximately 90% of the time and they will be faithful to their positions.

Poll #451347 Selling your vote

Would you Sell your vote under these conditions?

Yes, it's hard enough to get a candidate who agrees with me 90% of the time and this would be some nice and easy money
No, I would not sell my vote under these conditions

What additional factor(s) would you need to make you sell your vote if you voted no?

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