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Do you want to learn Web Design?

I'm teaching a one day course in Web Design in New York City on Saturday. All those who can attend are welcome to register for it. Basically I'm going over most of what's done in webdesign. I don't expect anyone to become an expert after this course, but I think a lot of very valuable info is here for webdesigners at all levels, even if someone has never designed a webpage before and has no idea how to do it. It's a very ambitious course that I've never seen attempted before.

For only $59 with pre-registration by March 15, this is a huge bargain at twice the price. ($69 for late registrants) To register, phone 212-643-7005, or e-mail

Location: NYPC Offices, Suite 1560 in the Hotel New Yorker, 481 8th Avenue (34/35 Sts)

Class Description:

Web Xtreme: Webmastering Overview (For all levels)
Web Xtreme (For all levels)
This class removes the mystery from website development!
A full day overview of the many, many options you have to create or enhance a website. Whether you have never tried to build a website or are a professional designer, there is something for everyone here. Learn what you can do and how to go about doing it. Among the topics to be covered are

* Javascript
* Dreamweaver
* Flash
* Streaming Video
* Graphic Options (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, etc.)
* 3ds max
* More...

Bring in any questions you may have about the web. If making a web page has confused you or you think you can do much more with the web, this course is for you.

Our terrific web guru Jeff Frankel will guide us. Jeff is an outstanding instructor, with a very clear presentation style. He regularly teaches Flash at NYPC, and you can see some of his sites at
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