mage67 (mage67) wrote,

A Modest Proposal

Ok I thought I wouldn't have to talk about Terri Schiavo, since this subject has been talked about, ad nauseam.

Here is a solution to please everyone.

The problem with legal euthanasia is that starvation/dehydration death is an extremely painful and slow demise. Death happens when the brain dries out and literally cracks. However, this is the only legal form of euthanasia (withholding lifesaving care).

So here is my solution. Make abortion illegal and punishable by death. Then when a woman wants an abortion, simply hook up a vegetative person without a living will to an abortion machine. If the vegetative person doesn't deactivate it in time, then the abortion happens. Then convict the vegetative person of murder and give them the death penalty. A convicted murderer with such a sentence now has much more humane options for execution like lethal injection (which is relatively painless) and quick.

This allows for abortions so it satisfies pro-choice, satisfies pro-life by punishing abortioners, and gives much more humane euthanasia options for people who need it. Everyone wins.

Yeah it's insane in the style of Jonathan Swift. However so is allowing the only legal option of euthanasia to be so agonizing.
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