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Who do you want the next Pope to be?

I was discussing with my friend diannaanne on who we'd like the next pope to be. She's Catholic and I'm not, but I find the entire process fascinating from a historic/political/ritualistic viewpoint.

Since John Paul II served for so long, it's tradition to pick an older pope who would serve a shorter amount of time, and would be a transitional pope. We both would like a Pope from the USA, but we realize that it's unlikely since much of the world thinks the USA has too much influence already.

However, if the cardinals want a progressive pope who won't live too long and since the Western Hemisphere has the fastest growing catholic population, the USA might be considered a stepping stone to having a Latin American Pope. John Paul II has broken the strangle hold that Italy had on the papalcy by naming cardinals from all over the world, so it seems unlikely that the next pope will be Italian, but they do have over 17% of the cardinals eligible to vote (a very disproportional number compared to other countries and especially considering that Italy doesn't have nearly enough Catholics to justify nearly this many)

So we agreed on Cardinal Anthony Joseph Bevilacqua. He's very very distinguished and youthful for his 81 years, but he doesn't get a vote and won't be in the conclave, so it seems unlikely. However, that's who I'm rooting for. He's from Brooklyn, just like me. Wouldn't it be great to have a Pope say "Yo"? ;)

While the cardinals almost always pick a cardinal to be Pope, they are allowed to pick any baptized male who was not excommunicated nor was guilty of heresy. The list of current cardinals and their descriptions can be found here

Poll #467627 Next Pope

Who do you want the Next Pope to be? (Please pick only from someone who is eligible; I know it's not fair)

Reply to this post for any reasons or comments you may have on this.

btw, Catholicism is supposed to punish those who gamble money on who the next pope will be, so I will organize no wagering ;)
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