mage67 (mage67) wrote,

I finally fixed my BushWhacker Game

I posted this game a long time ago that I created. I never got the scoring calculations right, and now I finally fixed it.

For those of you who forgot about it, the rules are simple. The object of the game is to whack all the George W Bushes into their holes. However, when you toggle a Bush, all adjacent Bushes not on a diagonal also toggle.

Can you keep Bush down?

Let me know if anyone can manage to get a perfect score of 1000 please?

There is one way to do it, where if you reloaded the page often enough, it might start out with all the Bushes in their holes. If every human being on the planet refreshed this webpage once per second on average without any breaks at all, then someone would encounter the game presolved by just refreshing in a little over 1.5 billion years. The sun is expected to live about twice that amount of time, so there's no rush ;)
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