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Nuclear Threat or Distraction? (But we get a free movie!) talks about the danger of not keeping track of nuclear material. They're giving out a free film at the site on DVD.

There were Democrats and Republicans on Meet the Press today soberly talking about this film. They see this as a world-wide threat and are giving out the film internationally for free.

However on Meet the Press they also showed a clip from 1958 on how the USA dealt with Nuclear threats. It was recommended that more bomb shelters be built and that taking showers and vacuuming regularly would help dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear bomb. 44 million pamplets were printed up with these recommendations. The officials swore that these measures were proven by science to work, yet the moderator of Meet the Press looked extremely skeptical of it (to put it mildly) even way back in 1958.

They also showed a cartoon on how to duck and cover in the case of a nuclear bomb. I remember some of these nuclear bomb drills in school when I was young. These drills were rare since most realized that this procedure would be of almost no help if a nuclear bomb went off nearby.

It reminds me what Chuck Palahniuk wrote in Fight Club. He claimed that in plane emergency, oxygen masks were automatically deployed not to save your life. People don't die when a plane crash is happening from lack of oxygen. However, excess oxygen makes you high and will make the passengers more complacent of their fate and cause less trouble.

There is a small amount of truth in all this. There is very little we can do to protect against a nuclear bomb or many other threats. However it makes people feel better that we're doing something and that has a value. Yes many of these "protections" are laughable, but we just don't want to feel helpless. We like to feel we always can do something regardless of the situation.

While such protections have some value, we can't get too carried away with them.

However we should also be careful of letting entertainment sell government policy. If you go to the website, you have to give them contact information which disturbs me slightly; but hey, at least we get a free film out of all this ;)

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