mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Rant on Changing My Parents Phone Service

***This is a test of my emergency ranting service. No important information will be conveyed. If this was an important blog or a blog with anything remotely informative, you would be notified. This is for my own therapy and your amusement at my ridiculous situation only. Remember this is only a rant.***

My parents are buying a place near me (The horror) and needed to transfer their phone number. AT&T told them it would take over 2 weeks and they would have to change their phone number. I told them to call them back or call a new phone service, since all this trouble wasn't necessary. They weren't listening. They're senior citizens in their 70s (over twice my age) and they're hard of hearing and don't understand modern technology at all. Also they think they know it all, so they don't like to listen.

So I told my mother to hold on the phone, I called Verizon, and then set it up with her listening on the other end to possibly answer questions I couldn't answer. My mother kept asking the same question about 6 times (and the operator's answer was fine and easy to understand, but my mother couldn't seem to get it). The operator was patient and nice, but after answering it 6 times, she just transfered us finally to the automated message where they recorded my voice to verify it all. However my mother refused to stop talking and she was pushing the wrong buttons on the keypad and wouldn't stop. Her voice was very loud and drowned out all others, and the information couldn't be verified. However, my mother was somehow convinced this all went through all right.

I had to call back to verify all this, this time without her on the other end (which was possible this time since I now had all the information I needed for this). As I thought, the original order got fouled up because of her and had to be reentered. It will all go through within a couple of days and their number won't be changed. I also got them features they didn't have before at no extra price.

I made sure they took off the free call waiting, since I knew my parents would get confused by it.

I also made sure both my father and mother got the new info. I hope they listened, but all you can hope for with elderly parents is that you try to train them right and then you have to let go.

***This concludes my test of my emergency ranting service. I will now return you to your blogging at it's regularly scheduled time ***
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