mage67 (mage67) wrote,

I put up Jan's Coat on eBay

Most people probably know by now that I did a video web site for Jan Leighton.

He asked me to sell his Sherlock Holmes Inverness Coat for him on eBay. He was convinced he would get $2,400 for it and would accept no less. I tried to get him to listen to reason. I told him the coat would probably not fetch more than $500.

Not only that, but he butchered the ad I wrote for him. I tried to explain what little I know about marketing to him, but he claimed I didn't know the value of the coat and how each of his words was strategically placed in the ad.

Maybe he's right and I don't know the true value of the coat. I decided not to argue it. I got a new digital camera out of this as my fee whether it sells or not. I hope it does sell though, but I'd be surprised if it did.

Here is the ad, if you want to see what a $2,400 coat looks like.
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