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A Bad TV moment that was never reran

Was there ever a TV show you missed as a kid and they never reran? That once happened to me with the TV special Legends of the Superheros aired way back in January of 1979. Usually TV specials get aired again eventually, but this one never did.

I always wondered why. I remember the school kids talking about this show the next day at school. There was never a live action show on TV with so many superheros in one place, so it was an exciting idea. I also wondered how all those superpowers could be done on TV. In the movies today, almost anything can be done live action. However this was 1979. I never figured out how they did the superpowers of Green Lantern, the Flash, Weather Wizard, Mordru the Sorcerer, and many others way back in 1979. Of course I could guess at it, but Green Lantern's powers seemed to be the most difficult to emulate on TV.

Mordru the Sorcerer in a water ski chase. You'll never see this on TV again

The Atom and Giganta are a couple and they want to have kids together. The logistics of it are never quite explained.

Then my friend John found this TV show on DVD somehow and lent it to me. He said it was incredibly bad and that I had to see it to believe how bad it was.

At least I figured out how all those powers were done on TV. The answer was as cheaply as possible. The quality was even below a typical Batman TV show episode starring Adam West.

The entire show was more of a comedy show and it was very poor comedy even for 1979. No sense of logic was even attempted. They even attempted a Superhero Roast, although no hero in particular was roasted.

A good recap mocking this show was put up here along with many screen captures.

I can see now why this show was never rerun. However as bad as it was, almost all of the actors did the most they could with the incredibly horrible dialogue.

There were appearances by a young Jeff Altman and a young Marsha Warfield. Also there was Adam West, Charlie Callas, Frank Gorshin, Ruth Buzzi, and Ed McMahon.

Trivia Note: Why were many of the criminal hideouts on the Batman TV Show tilted at 45 degree angles? Answer: Because the criminals were crooked. I'm not making that up, honest.

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