mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Cingular Sucks. Can they hear me now? I guess not.

***This is a test of my emergency ranting service. No important information will be conveyed. If this was an important blog or a blog with anything remotely informative, you would be notified. This is for my own therapy and your amusement at my ridiculous situation only. Remember this is only a rant.***

I had to deal with my former cellular company. They were just so incompetent and obnoxious.

I originally had AT&T Wireless, but they were taken over by Cingular. Then after many years of use, my cell phone dies and I need a new one.

They no longer were going to offer me my old plan, so I opt for their pay-as-you-go plan, since I don't use my cell phone a lot. I couldn't do this through the internet since their website couldn't handle that my zip code changed, so I called them on the phone.

The Cellular representative couldn't handle it through the internet after several tries either. She supposedly did something eventually on the internet that allowed her to put the order through. She said I could keep my old phone number and the order has been submitted. I even got a confirmation email and that I'd get the phone by Tuesday the latest probably. Straightening this all out took well over an hour.

On that Tuesday I got an email that the phone order got cancelled without an explanation. I had to call them up again to find out what happened. It appeared that that particular phone I ordered was not available in my zip code and therefore they cancelled it at the very last second. It took many calls to Cingular through several incompetent operators to figure this out. This took well over an hour too.

I still needed a cell phone and now I couldn't wait for Cingular to straighten this out by shipping me another one. I had to go to the nearest Cingular store about a mile away to straighten this out.

I spent a lot of time picking out a phone at the Cingular store (which I had to do to sign up for the plan and I needed a new phone). Then the store representive tells me the plan is far more expensive than I was told. Any minutes I buy expire within 90 days and that it costs 25 cents per minute this way or 10 cents a minute on top of a $1 per day charge for days I use the phone. Also that I have to change my cell phone number to enroll. Even though there is a law to stop forced cell phone number changes when you change carriers, you still can't keep the same cell phone number when you change from a monthly plan to a pre-paid plan or vice versa.

I was fed up with Cellular at this point and went to the Sprint store in the same mall. There was a waiting line before I could see a representative. When I finally got a representative, he straightened everything otu and I got a phone right away with their service. It cost $5 more than my old monthly plan, but I got more minutes at least. Cingular would have charged me at least $10 more per month. This all took an additional 2 + hours.

After I cancelled my account with Cingular and made sure it was cancelled, they tried to send me a phone on Friday night, after their business has closed for the weekend so I couldn't stop it from being shipped on Saturday. There was no way to notify them. They even assigned me a new number even though I never even asked for one.

The Cingular operator claimed I never cancelled it even though I gave her all the information of the cancellation. So I cancelled the account again, but she said I'd have to ship it back at my expense. I said no to that. If the phone somehow got delivered by being signed for by one of my neighbors while I was out, they'd have to pay for shipping it back since it was their mistake otherwise I was keeping the phone and they wouldn't get reimbursed for it. Lucky for them I contacted FedEx and I had the tracking numbers they tried to ship it through and they were much more competent. They're returning it to sender.

I'm much happier with Sprint so far, but I have a suspicion that all cell phone carriers suck in their own special way. ;)

***This concludes my test of my emergency ranting service. I will now return you to your blogging at it's regularly scheduled time ***
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