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Random Geek stuff

I just got a copy of Macromedia Suite 8 (Including Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and a few other lesser known software). I still have to learn how to use it of course, but I got time. As many of you know, I just love Macromedia products and teach courses in them for fun and a modest profit.

I just preordered some of the Macromedia Press Books from Peachpit Press. They say they're giving 35% off for those who preorder Macromedia Suite 8 books off their site. They also give 35% off if you register with them (the registration is free). So it's a total of 70% off their books. I'm in geek heaven right now :) I hope they don't figure this out and try to cancel.

However if you enter the promotional code, it's only 35% off, so check the receipt carefully before you place the order.

I'm looking at iPods and I'm seriously thinking of getting one this week. Yes there are cheaper and better devices out there, but the iPod is just so stylish and easy to use.

I have the following I'm seriously thinking of buying
iPod (60GB) - Personalized
iHome iH5 for iPod
AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod

Eventually I'd get better headphones for them too, since the ones that come with it don't fit my earholes well.

Yeah that's right I'm even thinking of getting the extended warranty they call AppleCare. Granted their extended warranties are better than most, but it's still an extended warranty. I still remember how Homer Simpson got smart temporarily and was unhappy that way so Moe helped him get dumb again. To prove Homer was especially dumb again he said "Extended Warranty, how can I lose?". I'm thinking I must be brainwashed.

The Apple Store in Soho, NYC sells overpriced stuff so well, it's like being in a boutique. There's something in the air there as they seem to pump in some sort of "happy gas". They have a ritzy glass stair case and a Apple Theater where they do presentations on how to use their products. They even have Apple cult members they hire who all dress the same and tell you how much happier you'll be with Apple products. It's a little like a Hari Krishna trying to sell you a $2 flower for $5, but explaining to you how much happier you'll be if you buy it and they genuinely mean it.

The Genius Bar is a nice idea too. They have Mac experts there to help out people in a very stylish and organized way. They should serve overpriced drinks and snacks there too, but I guess they're worried it'll be harder to clean their equipment and store that way.

Unless someone can stop me and talk some sense into me, I may become one of the Pod People. Can anyone talk me out of this or at least make me feel better if I get an iPod?
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