mage67 (mage67) wrote,

Would you like to make a 17,300% profit on your investment?

Imagine if you invested $1,000 and got a profit of over $1.7 million after only one year. That would be enough for an ordinary person to retire on.

Does it sound too good to be true? It is because, an ordinary person can't get this kind of return, short of winning the lottery. However this is what the Oil companies got by taking advantage of investing in Congress.

Congress is the best investment out there. If they issued stock, I'd definitely buy it.

This is how the Oil Companies did it. They paid $46 million to Congressional members this year in various forms. In return they got $6 billion in tax breaks this year and an additional $2 billion in windfall profits because Congress let them charge us more recently. So they made $8 billion from a $46 million investment this year.

The extra charge at the gas pumps we paid recently was not because there was a shortage, but because there might be a shortage in about 6 months. Oil and gas takes up to a year to get from the ground to the pumps. So if a disaster happens, the oil shortage does not affect us immediately. So the oil companies charged us for a shortage that might have happened. However it didn't happen, but they won't give that extra money back.

So here's my suggestion to stop this, and solve Social Security Problems. Issue a Congressional stock that pays only 100% (Which is an incredible rate, but far less than the 17,300% the oil companies got). They can use the funds for their campaigns or just to do whatever they pleased with.

Imagine your funds doubling every year? Most of us heard the story that if we keep doubling a penny, we'd become millionaires quickly. It's true. If you invest only one dollar at the much lower 100% rate, you'd be a millionaire after 21 years just from the profit from that $1 investment.

On our tax returns, we're already asked if we want to contribute $1 to the Presidential campaign fund. Let them add a $1 option to our tax returns to invest in Congress and watch us all retire very comfortably.

I don't think I'm asking for much compared to what the oil companies got. I want the opportunity to invest just $1 at a rate that is about 1/173rd what the oil companies got. That's investing 1/46 millionth of what the oil companies could.

What do you think?

Would you invest $1 only once in Congress for a 100% annual return and retire comfortably from it?

You bet I would!!
Nah, I need that $1 too much to risk it on a sure thing

Does it sound like a silly question? Hey this was the question the oil companies faced except it was much more profitable than even this.

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