mage67 (mage67) wrote,

My new iPod

I broke my new audio iPod after less than 3 months. I'm really talented when it comes to breaking things. I'm known to have a rough touch on almost everything. I just kept dropping it and eventually it just couldn't take all that abuse. At one point I dropped it while running and it skidded nicely along the sidewalk. It scratched the back of it somewhat awful, but it still played.

Then I dropped it a very short distance at work and it died. Actually it didn't really die, it just got a permanent case of amnesia. It still worked, but it went from a 60GB capacity to a 0 capacity, however the menus still worked. It just couldn't store anything.

So I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Soho, NYC.

The "genius" there was so impressed with how badly I messed it up, that he responded "Rock On". He never even knew an iPod could get permanent amnesia. He asked me if I dropped it. It was too obvious that I did, so I had to confess. He was basically trying to tell me that I'm screwed, but since I had AppleCare, he felt obligated to replace it just this once.

However I wanted the new video iPod. He said if I turned in the old iPod, I'd get a 10% discount on a new iPod. I already get a 10% educational discount, so that would be a 20% discount. Actually it's not quite 20%. I believe it was 10% on top of 10%, so it's really a 19% discount. An extra 9% didn't appeal to me, so I'm going to take the replacement and all the original materials/equipment and just resell it. There is still about 21 months left on the AppleCare which is transferable to the buyer. If no one buys it, then I'm going to give it away. It deserves a good home after all the abuse I heaped on it's predecessor.

I did buy the video iPod and I bought a case I think will protect it more. There are a very limited number of cases available for it. I would have preferred something made of kevlar or titanium to protect it from me. However leather was the toughest available right now for this particular iPod at the store.

Say a prayer for my new iPod to protect it from me.

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